Preliminary Program

 The 8 days event will combine:

  • complementary skills training,
  • scientific conference,
  • networking events

all dedicated to early-stage researchers including internationaly renowned scientists and leading industrials.

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The first 2 days (4th and 5th of June) will be dedicated to complementary skills training usefull to develop young reseachers career such. workshop will includ a course on:

1- How to design a research project and present it - Ljuba Bacharova, MD, DSc, MBA 

The aim of the workshop is to enhance skills in designing and presenting a research project, including skills in argumentation and critical appraisal..  During two days, the participants will experience a process of elaborating and presenting a research project. This process will include defining a research topic, selecting an adequate study design, selecting an adequate method of data collection, analysis and interpretation, and developing a feasible study plan and timeline for the project, including preparation of a research paper. The basic teaching methods used will be “problem-based” and “learning-by-doing” processes, combining project development and class presentation, small group and plenary discussions.

2- "How to get your paper published in a scholarly journal". by Ray Boucher (Editors at Wiley and sons Ed.)

The objective for the workshop is to enable the participants to gain knowledge and skills in academic and publishing, to facilitate the participants’ understanding of the publishing process and thereby increasing their chances of getting published in international publications. Topics covered will include:

  1. Helpful resources
  2. Tips for a successful submission
  3. The submission process
  4. The peer review process
  5. Post acceptance
  6. Bibliometrics
  7. Ethics
  8. How to promote your paper

 Day 3 and 4 (6th-7th of June) : Networking event between young researchers and industry will be organized in collaboration with OPEN , the network of young researchers in the field of organic electronics.

Day 5 to 8 (8-11th of June): ESOS scientific conference will bring together internationnaly renowned scientists, leading industrials and young researchers to discuss topics related to OPV stability:

  • Materials synthesis
  • Stability / degradation of materials
  • Stability and performance of organic solar cells
  • The contribution of modeling
  • Protocols for the analysis of the degradation / stability of OPV.
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